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Yes, I’m selling that too!

Mushrooms KnittingToday I have been busy being Ms. Local Economy.

I put my wedding dress and a million other things leftover from the wedding on Craigslist today. Five antique cake plates anyone? A basket of silk flowers? All the free stuff is already gone, so if you wanted some bright orange soot-covered faux-suede folding chairs, SORRY (note: these are not from the wedding, actually, just some crap we had around the house).  It freed up a bunch of space in my living room and now I’m really excited about getting rid of ALL THE THINGS! Don’t tell Matt!

Some people have told me I should save my wedding dress to make into baby christening gowns (for whose babies?!?!) and/or quilts and maybe even a ham napkin…but the material is probably pretty fragile I think for anything so cool. Plus I kind of like the idea of someone else wearing my dress. Also, to be honest I’m sick of looking at it hanging on the back of the bedroom door and it doesn’t fit in the closet.  It was really fun to wear, but it’s really not that awesome to just sit and stare at an empty dress.

I also posted NEW STUFF FOR SALE ON MY ETSY PAGE! Someone bought a bunch of my patterns today, and last week I sold a quilt! I’ll be honest, but I haven’t sold much since early July and had kind of forgotten about it. Oh yeah, and I was busy.

I posted up some super exciting fun-tastic veggies doing cool stuff patterns. The mushroom pattern above is actually available free, but, you have to pay if you want an image of okra doing jump rope. Or just ask REALLLLLLY nicely.

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