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This Fall colored chevron piece hanging on my little design wall since the fall, and it fell off yesterday. Like it’s begging me to finish it.

Languishing #chevron
I’ve been thinking about either just finishing it off as a baby quilt OR totally different – putting a lot of white fabric around it and making it a twin size with lots of negative space. It’s just  the scraps corners off of this quilt, so I didn’t have a lot of purpose when I started sewing it. I like to take my extra corner triangle when sewing and make little things with them. It takes an extra minute while sewing, but hey, free quilt!

I also have this lingering quilt – a queen size sampler quilt made as part of this great sew along a year or two ago. It is lingering for a few reasons –

1. It’s queen sized and I wanted to do some pretty quilting with it, but blah, that’s a lot of wrestling around on my machine.
2. I messed up the paper pieced block (hey it was my first time) and I can’t decide if I care enough to fix it.
3. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with it when it’s done. At the time pink, teal and navy seemed great but that’s a lot of pink teal and navy for our bedroom.

Sew Happy Geek Quilt Along - Top is finished

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  • Shannon C.

    Those rich browns just jumped right out of the thumbnail at me. How lovely! I like your idea of adding a bunch of white to make a twin quilt with lots of negative space. It’ll be beautiful whatever you decide!

  • Kate

    That fall coloured quilt is so lovely. What perfect colours. Also, I am a huge fan of how you did the sampler. I still haven’t finished mine either, but the funny thing is that all I have to do is sew on the binding. Not sure why I’m being to silly about it.

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