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Why yes, I will be in every continental US timezone today!


Since I don’t know how to add alt text on my phone blog app above you have my sewing completed between Columbus and Denver and then scenic Denver. With funny Frontier’s cutesy animal themed planes.

Today I am flying out for a two week visit with my two older brothers, awesome sister in law and the world’s cutest nephew.

At my supposedly quick layover in Kansas City the dream of every traveler in no particular hurry came true, “The plane is overbooked, would anyone like to add a stop in Denver for a free $200 travel voucher?” So, yeah, I took their money.

The main inconvenience is that I’ve run out of planned embroidery and audiobooks in Denver. No worries, I can download more free audiobooks from librivox.com and have some blank fabric in my suitcase.

Now the plane is delayed. Maybe they will route me through Alaska so I can add a new timezone and more free moneys to my day!

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  • Suzanne

    Do you know how excited I was to find out that sewing needles and sewing scissors are allowed on planes? Even international flights? Because, you can really hurt someone with a sewing needle. I mainly stab myself with them, but that’s unintentional. Totally.

    I also like embroidering on public transportation. People’s faces are hilarious: “Is she for real?”

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