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What’s a Fat Quarter?

I’m going to teach an Intro to Quilting class at the end of the month at place here in Columbus. Fun, hmm? I want to do something fast, fun, simple, and not stolen from a professional quilt designer. I’m thinking about a baby quilt with an appliquéd heart in the middle.

For the materials guide, I was figuring I would tell people just to buy a handful of fat quarters. But, now I have to figure out how many fat quarters are in a baby quilt!

I usually sew with a mix of old sheets, cheap fabric from the bargain bin, expensive designer fabric from the bargain bin, and stuff that I found in a goodwill 10 years ago. When your fabric-buying strategy is: “How much fabric can I fit in my bedroom before it explodes out and kills me in my sleep” it doesn’t leave you with a good sense of how much fabric to buy if you are buying fabric expressly to make one quilt and one quilt only

But, today I learned that Fat Quarters are a scrap of fabric that is 18×22. Did you know that? I didn’t! I always assumed it was a quarter of a yard, but never really put it all together. A standard yard of fabric is 36 (1 yard=3 feet=36 inches) x 44 inches wide.  A standard handkerchief is 22×22 inches. My cat’s tail is about 11 inches long. So, there you are.

Now that I am in a measuring sort of mood, I’m going to start this baby quilt for my class.

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