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Wednesday In Progress

Today in the sewing world I am working on a back for my Sampler Quilt. Here’s what I have so far:

Back of Sew Happy Geek Sample Quilt
Sew Happy Geek Quilt Along - Top is finishedI think what will happen to it is that I will make the left white part smaller, and more white and then more strips of small boxes on the right.  I am waiting because I’ll be keeping this quilt so there’s no rush, except there is a rush, because I love being DONE with quilts. I want to get some quilty energy back before I just cobble something together. I was thinking, looking at this picture, “Am I picking this design because it is the fastest thing I can think of, or because it is what I want on my bed?”

I am reminded of this quote from this hilarious essay on the SAT I read today:

You spend a whole semester studying for some test, and then you rush it because you just want five extra minutes to relax. That’s how my brain works. It’s not a perfect organ.

So, I’m leaving town for a week, and then I’ll come back and maybe totally change this design. Any thoughts?

Other things I am working on include re-taking some photos of my quilts I finished in drearier weather. It’s 85 degrees in March and I will take any excuse to go outside. I know my photos of my quilts are never great, and I think it hurts my sales in my Etsy shop, as well as it’s nice for me to have a quality picture record of quilts I make….but lordy, lordy, I don’t enjoy taking photographs of quilts, and I really don’t enjoy editing photos of quilts. I enjoy making quilts. That’s why I make them.

But, I re-took pictures and sloppily edited them for my Steampunk Octopus quilts, because I love them. They have glow in the dark stitching!

Steampunk Octopus Quilt

I think this guy looks particularly menacing here:

Steampunk Octopus Quilt

See what the other quilters are doing over at Freshly Pieced! 

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