Wedding Invitations Part 1

This week Matt and I have been getting serious about this wedding business:

  • $175 dream wedding dress off Craiglist? Check.
  • Suit on mega-clearance for Matt? Check.
  • Venue? Check.
  • Is the venue a state park that has pontoon boats and mini-golf? Check.
  • Screen-printed Pop-up Wedding Invitations? Just getting started.

Here is our rough draft:

That say "Aug 13th" on the heart. Not "Any Bh"

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  • Lori Parsley

    Hi, Dana!

    Thanks for the awesome quilting class. Your technique is fun, inspiring, and liberating. I’m really excited about finishing the quilt. By the way, did I leave my batting behind? I’m calling the store today but wanted to check with you too. Bye!

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