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Vegetable Star Quilt

I was fussy cutting up some veggie fabric from Ikea and all of a sudden (ok, hours upon hours later) I had this ginormous star quilt. It is with my favorite scrappy blues and greens, which have shown up in crazy improv form and appeared as some pretty mountains.  I have enough left for another quilt or a back, but I’m going to try and give it a rest for now.

It went from this layout (which I was stuck on for a while):

Wonky Star Options

Veggie Star Quilt
To this – all sewn up !

I put a few of the blocks on a tilt because it was SO BORING with them all in neat and tidy rows. Almost kind of dizzying. I really like neat rows on a small quilt, but this one was too big for it to work for me. But because I am addicted to symmetry and order, I put my wonky angled blocks in a pattern. D’oh!

It’s been sitting for a few weeks since I can’t bring myself to iron it or the back I made for it. Both look like, aah, like kleenexes that have been wadded up in a giant’s pocket.  And I’m having second thoughts about the back I put together for it. It’s also too cold, muddy and yucky wet outside for me to baste the quilt outside on the deck, which I admit I really enjoy. Blargh, BASICALLY this quilt may languish as a top till forever. If you know any giants that need something to blow their nose on, let me know!

On the whole I have been sick of quilting, and by “sick of quilting” I mean “I don’t want to iron a giant quilt top and quilt back that I don’t like.” If I had some nice piecing all set up to go, I could quilt for years on end. So, I’ve been focusing on hand sewing these past few weeks.

Trouble on my mind

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