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Vegan Cake Buffet!

Three of my favorite words are “Vegan” “Cake” Buffet” or, especially, the three of them together, “Vegan Cake Buffet.”

The boyfriend, ok, ahem, fiancée , doesn’t eat dairy or eggs – any animal product – so that can make cake time sad. However, when he lived in Pittsburgh last year (boo long distance!), we sometimes went to a Sunday afternoon vegan cake buffet. It was like a dream come true, but with more sugar. Lots more sugar.

So, we are going to re-create this experience at our wedding, using a great local bakery. We’re also going to have a low sugar and gluten free option, because we are basically heroes to the food challenged everywhere.

We are working through their cakes a few at  a time, the better to savor them. Today we tried the carrot cake and the pistachio rosewater cake, because carrot cake is Matt’s favorite and goodness, how can you resist pistachio rosewater?

The carrot cake was dense, moist, and nutty with a sugary “cream cheese” icing that nicely complements the clove and cinnamon spice. Matt loved it, being extremely biased towards carrot cake. I felt that it did not have as much pineapple as I like to put in her vegan carrot cake so was biased against it, plus, I don’t use cloves except at Christmas time. Verdict: It will be on the vegan cake buffet.

The Pistachio Rosewater Cake – which was so lovely we feel compelled to capitalize the title, was a lovely cake with generous helpings of pistachio and hints of rosewater. It was light – but very moist – with fluffy sugarbomb frosting. Verdict: This cake is so pretty and delicious, though best savored in small amounts. The small slices you would get in, say, a vegan cake buffet.

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