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Vegan Apple Cake Success

imageThis recipe was my second attempt to come up with some kind of vegan apple recipe to use up the half gallon of apple butter that we didn’t can (ran out of jars!!!). I suppose I could freeze the apple butter (???), but I’d rather freeze it in some kind of usable form.

I got “Canning for a New Generation” by Liana Krissof as a wedding gift, as well as another book about canning. I am pretty happy with her book, it’s cute and friendly and casual and MOST IMPORTANTLY has lots of tips for the lazy, non-perfectionist person (like, you don’t have to peel everything). Yay! It’s really usable and includes recipes on how to use all the crap you just preserved and not just HOW to can/preserve, but WHY you have to do it that way so that you don’t die and/or kill all your friends (ie, a lecture on botulism, fun!).  I like knowing WHY I am supposed to do something a certain way so I know which rules I can safely ignore.

But she really won me over when I realized her Applesauce Cake recipe is vegan AND formulated to use the leftover pulp from her recipe for homemade apple pectin stock.

Vegan baking sidenote: I actually prefer cooking without butter, because I think butter tastes too, ahh, buttery. To me, butter is more of a savory flavor than a sweet one.  So it doesn’t phase me at all to bake without butter.

The struggle with vegan baking (for me) is moisture and density, as in, too much of it, always. Eggs really do a lot of good things for cakes and breads. My vegan sweet breads especially often come out doughy in the middle.

My last round of attempts to use up apple butter and apple pulp were ridiculously dense and gooey in the middle. Though they tasted awesome, it was a bummer. And edible bummer though!

These cakes rose really nicely and fluffily. So now I will make six more of them and put those in the freezer too. If you come and visit, I’ll pull one out for you!

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