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Two Clouds Walk Into a Bar

Do you remember in 2009 when you watched the Where the Wild Things Are trailer and your heart exploded right out of your chest? Maybe that didn’t happen to you, but I was pretty into it.

Anyway, the day after I saw that trailer I was at Joann’s and they had fuzzy white fake fur on clearance for a couple dollars, so of course I had to buy some to make myself a wolf hood like Max’s, am I right?

Actually, I was wrong, I never made the hat, because, ugh, I don’t really actually know how to sew anything but quilts.  BUT I did have the fabric on hand when I decided to make some fluffy clouds today. I put a few layers of fusible webbing and batting in between the blue flannel and the white fur so they are nice and stiff, yet pliable. Ha ha.

Fluffy Clouds.

I’m pretty happy with them in real life, but they were really hard to photograph. I put them on Etsy because I can make more for my own enjoyment if someone else decides they like them too. I think they would make fun Christmas ornaments and maybe I’ll make smaller versions for that purpose.  Perhaps I will also make some non-furry versions that I can embroider.

Did I mention I love my clouds?  I’ll do a tutorial on them if I remember.

Fluffy Clouds.

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