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Twelve Sisters Quilt

Coral Twelve Sisters Triangle Quilt

I’m entering this hot off the presses quilt into the Bloggers Quilt Festival  along with this other recent rainbow finish. It’s just under a queen size and scrappy.

I’ve been watching the new Cosmos (I still love the old one), and they just revisited the Six Sisters constellation stories. This is one of my favorite constellations, though I can only remember a few so it’s not that huge of a declaration. It’s loosely inspired from the “Seven Sisters” quilt block, though there are twelve stars total, hence the name.

I wanted to use the Hex n’ more ruler to make a “star within a star” quilt. I swear I have seen these in traditional quilts, but I couldn’t find pictures of them. I must be searching for the wrong thing. Does anyone have a name for what this “six pointed star in a star” pattern might be called?

I can’t decide which way is the top. If you flip it like this, it kind of looks like a game of tetris?
Coral Twelve Sisters Triangle Quilt
I started this in November at a quilt retreat, and was working really hard at it all weekend till I ran out of fabric. After I got home, I put it in a box and it stayed there until a few weeks ago. The Columbus Modern Quilt Guild is having an “Unfinished Object” challenge and I decided to crank out this beast.  Nothing like social pressure!

The back is almost my favorite. I used a DS Quilts print and some leftover triangles from larger scraps.

Coral Twelve Sisters Triangle Quilt

This uses up a bunch of gray and coral scraps, the background is a sheet from Target. It has a nice light silky hand and the quilt turned out really light  – it will be a great summer quilt and I can’t wait to take it on a picnic, though I never go on picnics? I was trying to be really brave and bold with color and may have gone a bit overboard but hopefully the darker background will resist stains after I start my new picnic hobby.

Coral Twelve Sisters Triangle Quilt

As a PS I wish I had had time to finish this beast of a quilt for the scrappy category – which I am calling the Mad Farmers Medallion after the Wendell Berry poem. I’m hoping to have it done by the fall!


  • CitricSugar

    Oh, I love this! Love all your negative space and the intricacy of that design… I also appreciate your monochromatic scheme! love love love.

    And I have two days to finish my own UFO challenge for our modern guild here… This festival is waaaay too distracting!

  • Kristen Jones

    I LOVE this quilt! I’m not usually a big fan of scrappy stuff because they are so chaotic and just “scrappy” I guess. LOL….I love the use of solid color and just a lil scrappy stuff. It keeps it calm and I really love that! I’m going vote for this quilt now! LOVE LOVE it

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