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I’m back! After traveling to eight states in the last month – some of them multiple times! – and adventures including a tornado at an airport, introducing a new bill to Congress, and being in Chicago at the same time as Barack Obama, and moving all of my stuff to a new house with the aid of some kind Chinese scientists, and starting our garden and planting an apple tree, the thing I am most excited to blog about right now is my new washer and dryer.

I have been trying to decide if it is un-feminist to be over the moon about having a washer and dryer. I have not lived in a house with a washing machine during my entire adult life – save a year with a nearly broken one – so 11 out of 12 of the last years of my life have involved packing and carting my laundry to a public place.

So, I think it’s fair and feminist to be excited that cleaning my clothes – and my bedding and my quilts that I make – and pre-washing fabric and dying fabric will no longer be a giant chore. I won’t miss, per se, the laundro-mat community – immigrant families, loud ladies gossiping on the phone, confused college students, adorable old bachelors, and creepy old bachelors, but there is something intimate and exposing about your literal dirty laundry, and it is unifying to be in the diverse class of people who do not own washing machines.

When we were looking for a new place to rent (having given up on buying a house – because blaarrrgh real estate sucks) a washing machine was the last thing on our minds. But when we heard that our house would have one – I got excited. I let the laundry build up for weeks and weeks. There were awesome piles of it everywhere! I was going to wash it in my VERY OWN WASHER.

But when I tossed in the first triumphant load of curtains so dusty I am getting an allergy attack just thinking of them, tragedy happened. The washer squealed and groaned and smelled like fire and also did not drain the water out. I was really, un-feministly distraught about this. So, I went on Craigslist and bought the most energy efficient washer and dryer available according to some website about energy efficient washers and dryers. They were delivered by a friendly couple who are moving to Florida when I was out of town and Matt set them up and mailed me the picture.

I got back on Sunday night and have since washed about 8 loads of laundry. All the winter bedding and coats and, oh yeah, a month or so of dirty clothes. My life is AWESOME!

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