Simple Solids Bee Blocks

Simple Solids Bee Blocks


For those who may not be aware, a quilting bee is basically when some folks get together to work on a quilt together. Many hands make light work, as they say.

It’s a pretty simple and timeless idea to combine work with socializing – and this is the on-line version – each month someone picks a block and 12 people make that block. On the month it’s your turn, you get 12 blocks!

Simple Solids Bee Blocks - Falu - Feb


I have never actually been in an online quilting bee – but I have done on-line swaps. So I made an extra of each of my blocks for February and March because I know how likely it is for someone to have an emergency and not be able to make their block. It only takes and extra minute once you’re in the mode.


Simple Solids Bee Blocks


Plus both Feb and March chose fun improv blocks. Sometimes I hear from folks that improv is easier than traditional piecing because you don’t have to match points, etc. but I tore out seams in these way more than I generally do with standard piecing.

Simple Solids Bee Blocks - Falu March

I swear this are actually square – I think it’s the camera angle. I made them 13×13 so that the recipients could square them down to 12.5×12.5 just in case.


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