Shooting Star Variations

Oh, is it Wednesday again? I have been enjoying (and cringing a lot) the storm stories on my “Megastorm Giveaway!” Click over if you want to  own your very own Kona Color card – and if you want to read/share some amazing storm stories.

The megastorm storm barely whapped central Ohio, though I know lots of folks who are reeling from the effects. It feels bizarre to look out the window and see a regular fall day when elsewhere it is total chaos. But here are some regular fall blocks for a regular fall day.

This shooting star block is one of my favorites (previous quilt with it here), because, 1. I love every quilt block that involves stars but 2. I love how easy and versatile it is. Case in point!

Shooting Star VariationsShooting Star VariationsShooting Star Variations

Shooting Star Variations

These blocks are 8.5 inch with 4.5 inch corner blocks. I do wish I’d made the corner blocks 5″ inches to have less white, but I may change my mind when everything is stitched together.

When I trimmed off the corners, I went ahead and sewed those together, so now I have this happy stack of 3.5 inch half square triangles to play with. too!

Scrap Half Square TrianglesThere are some vintage-y fabrics here from my stash. I like them in this vintage-y pattern.

I’m linking up with Work in Progress Wednesday, which has become quite a party recently, with sometimes even hundreds of quilters showing off their stuff!


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