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Settlers of Catan Quilt (sort of)

An old friend (well, she’s my age, but we met in junior high) just had a baby (yay!) and I needed to make her a quilt. She loves games and I decided that the Settlers of Catan had the most quilt-like board of all the games. I am not the only one, as there is a whole craftster forum to similar projects.

Sadly, I’ve only played this game once about 12 years ago, so my board is likely not actually accurate to whatever the pieces are supposed to mean.

Settlers of Catan Quilt


However! It is very cute and uses sweet fabrics without being too girly girly. For the back I used an amazing flannel by Heather Bailey. The quality and softness is incredible.

Settlers of Catan Quilt

I borrowed my guild friend Ann‘s Hex n More Ruler to be thrifty, but ended up falling in love with the potential of this ruler and got my own. There is some back and forth about bias cut vs. straight-on-the-grain binding – here’s my opinion:  if you are binding hexagons, use a bias cut binding. This binding wasn’t as awful as I thought it might be. It doesn’t look perfect, but I’m sure baby Abbygail won’t mind as she throws up all over it.

Settlers of Catan Quilt

I’m linking up with Thursday Threads today if you want to see more pretty things.

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