Pieced,  Quilts

Red Sashing Red Sashing!

I have become completely incapable of using a camera besides my phone.


Today I have been cranking out this sweetie, red fabric with all different creams. You know that moment when you think the top is done and you realize you forgot to add (or cut or piece) the bottom row? That’s when it’s time to go garden, I think?


I also spent a good bit of time trying to figure out how to do this nose on this  requested “girl dog in the style of pete the cat.” This is after last week, when I was in 3 different states for work on big projects that were all wrapping up with tons of logistics to remember. Funny switch to, “Ok, what kind of nose would look best on this fabric dog?”

Dog quilt in the style of Pete the cat...

I made five different noses and ended up with this one. I like it!

And I am so excited about strawberries! These are my favorite “Work In Progress” as I link up with WIP Wednesday.


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