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Really Scrappy Rainbow Lonestar Finished!

Really Scrappy Lone Star Rainbow Quilt

Yay! I had wanted to finish this hateful thing glorious beast by the end of the year. In part to reach my Finish Along goal, but more because I was worried I would NEVER finish it, and frankly I was sick of having it hang in my “unfinished quilts” pile. I did NOT want to press it again, and I had already pressed it. So it had to get done! I have something of a tutorial here, if anyone is interested in my modified lone star math I had to come up with.

Really Scrappy Lone Star Rainbow Quilt

Ok, get ready for a million pictures, because I am just in love with the front and back of this thing! Plus a lot of boring process thoughts, because it was an interesting learning experience for me!

It’s about 94×100 which is larger than my kitchen floor basting area. I had to baste it in the living room, by pinning it to the carpet, which I had never done before! I generally pin baste and the actual basting process was pretty painless, even though I was 8 months pregnant ūüôā and I definitely considered it my workout for the day!

Really Scrappy Lone Star Rainbow Quilt
I worked on the piecing on and off all summer¬†– having all those strips and my scraps and blocks scattered everywhere made my sewing room – which is also my bedroom – a complete disaster. So. Many. Threads. Luckily my husband was traveling a lot, so he didn’t have to share in my creative chaos too much. ¬†And no threads migrated as far as¬†his lab¬†equipment or anything to contaminate¬†his research (that I know of!). Anyway, now all the cursed threads are safely tucked away!

Really Scrappy Lone Star Rainbow Quilt

Another challenge of it being so dang large was figuring out how to square it, I have some vague idea of maybe entering it into a show, but with all the bias edges I figured it wouldn’t hang straight and not be technically fancy enough to pass muster. I generally make quilts for durability, not for some judge to look at! It is not square, which you can tell by looking at the back! But it is closer to square than it was!

The backing is a mix of that Ikea numbers fabric everyone (including me!) loves – which is SO thin (I do hope I don’t regret it!) – and some Catnap by Lizzy House and scraps from the front. I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and honestly this side will probably be face up on the bed, mostly because it is less overpowering to look at on a day to day basis.

Really Scrappy Lone Star Rainbow Quilt

Lonestar Back

I originally was thinking to free motion quilt it on my home machine, but honestly the weight of such a large quilt made of such small pieces was too intimidating. I decided to do some loosey-goosey echo quilting around all the stars. I am thinking I’ll love it a bit more after I wash it and it softens up the effect somewhat. I was not happy with it at first, but I do think it was my best option if I wanted to ever actually finish the thing. Which with baby on the way, I figured was a priority.

Really Scrappy Lone Star Rainbow Quilt

Really Scrappy Lone Star Rainbow Quilt

I took it, and my Sampler Quilt I also finished recently, to the wetlands research area by my house for photos at the lookout tower they have there. It was 18 degrees out (I’m talking Fahrenheit people!), but I bundled up, and I certainly had the place to myself!

Lone Star Back

Really Scrappy Lone Star Rainbow Quilt

Really Scrappy Lone Star Rainbow QuiltI’m linking up to Finish It Friday¬†and another one here to celebrate this with all the other lovely people who are finishing up projects!



  • Felicity

    Popping over from the FAL linky because this glorious beast just jumped out at me. WOW. It is absolutely incredible. The colours, the progression of the values, the sheer number of pieces. Amazing and gorgeous!

  • Claire

    That is quite the accomplishment! I agree–anything not finished before baby waits a LONG time to be finished. Your control of color gradation is wonderful. And the tutorial on the math was fascinating. Not sure I’ll ever try it, but it is nice to know it is there if I want to.

  • Laura

    I followed the link from flickr – what an amazing quilt! Really really beautiful, and impressive that you finished it while 8 months pregnant too! The tutorial is great as well. You should be really proud of this quilt!

  • LynneP

    This quilt is simply glorious. Square or not, I think you should enter quilt shows with it, just so others can enjoy this beauty.

  • Carol E

    I am IN LOVE with this quilt. It is FABULOUS!! I’m going to post a link at my blog so more people can enjoy its beauty. Hope that’s OK. Traffic to your blog coming soon! (Your baby is adorable.)

  • Geri Running

    Your quilt is absolutely breathtaking, it looks like fireworks on the fourth of July. I saw a link to your blog on Carol E’s blog.

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