Rainbow Derecho Quilt

Rainbow Derecho Quilt Finished!

I’m feeling a little maniacal laughter coming on – I have finished my Rainbow Derecho Quilt! I started it after the megastorm in July and thought it would be fitting to finish it during our October megastorm.

I also wanted to get it done in time for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival – wherein hundreds (400+ so far!) of quilters from across the globe submit pictures of quilts they’ve made – with a lot of lovely giveaways..Rainbow Derecho Quilt Finished!

Here are the specifics on my quilt:

Rainbow Derecho Quilt
Measures: 82×86
Special Techniques used: Applique
Quilted by: me on a home machine
Best Categories:  Bed Quilt, ROYGBIV, and Applique

I did the binding by machine – with invisible thread in the bobbin. I think this might be my new preferred way to machine-sew binding?

Rainbow Derecho Quilt Finished!

This quilt was actually originally inspired by a request for a custom rainbow quilt on Etsy. I ended up making something pretty different for the customer, but this idea caught my fancy. I did most of the cutting of piles of strips while our power was out after the Derecho, and laid it all out on our front porch on sunny July afternoons and evenings while wearing my giant straw hat.

OctobRainbow Derecho Quilt Finished!er 2012 319

I used a high thread count sheet for the white background which is heaavvyyy and the purple/blue cotton I used for the backing is also heavvvyyyy. I machine quilted it and did the applique in the same round of sewing in a half a dozen different sessions. I pin basted the rainbow swirls down, though I do wish I had used basting spray as I had a fair few wrinkles in the final version.

 Rainbow Derecho Quilt Finished!






It is a queen sized quilt – we have so few that I’ve made that are big enough for our bed. I have several twin sized that I put on the bed pretending they fit and one of us always wakes up without any blankets…
It is raining for the next few days and I couldn’t wait to get a photo. It was quite difficult to get a full quilt shot inside the house – but I mostly managed. Rainbow Derecho Quilt Finished!

Now that I have it finished, I really wish I had quilted it a little denser. I suppoooose I have the option to go back and add in more stitching.


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