Rainbow Cloud Sushi Set

I took another pottery class. It’s a strange thing to try and learn in fits and starts, especially glazes, because so much of it is trial and error. And when you’re only trying a few times a year, you don’t move forward much.

HOWEVER, I just got a batch back from my most recent free class at the local community centers (bless you, local community centers!!) and I’m happy as a clam. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to take another class till July, so I’ll have to make the good feelings last.

I sorta copied this fellows adorable hand built cloud dishes to make this lopsided, cracked, but still dear to my heart sushi set (I feel bad for stealing ideas, but how else do we learn at incredibly early stages?) :

Rainbow Cloud Sushi DishesRainbow Cloud Sushi DishesRainbow Cloud Sushi Dishes

Rainbow Cloud Sushi Dishes

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