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Quilt Party!

I have been busy as a bee with my quilts lately.

I have three full-size quilt tops that are all pressed and needing to be basted so I can quilt them.  I usually don’t mind the basting process, but it’s too mucky and cold out to baste on the deck, and these are all too big for my bedroom basting system, which means that basting will involve some micro-level scrubbing of the kitchen floor. Because sometimes quilting involves scrubbing the kitchen floor. Does anyone want a tutorial or pictures showing this quilting process?

It also involves a lot of this, my old frenemy, the piles of threads and scrips and scraps left after squaring up my quilt blocks. I used the method for half-square triangle where you get 8 hst’s per block. It seems so fast, but I feel like I spend more time squaring up afterwards.

Squaring scraps

This pile is probably about 1/100th of what I created in the last few weeks. I’ve heard of people composting their 100% cotton scraps in their garden. But, my environmental engineer husband will probably tell me that even the 100% cotton has chemicals in it that will poison our tomatoes and basically murder us and whatnot. Ok, fine, I won’t compost my cotton scraps.  Five years of being together has made our conversations very efficient.

UPDATE: I confirmed Matt’s opinion with him and he said, “Oh, we could compost it for the flower beds, but I don’t want to eat fabric dye and bleach. Then again, I don’t know that it would bio-accumulate in the vegetables.”

Anyway, if anyone else composts their fabric scraps for a veggie garden, let me know if you’ve grown a second head or if your skin is taking on Amy Butler patterns or anything.

My old fat cat boss has been helping me with my layout of my gray and yellow quilt. As have my daydreams of gardening. I think we’re going to add a couple hundred square feet to the garden this year. We’ll see if we still think that when I’m turning over dirt in a few months.

The yellow and gray quilt is now taunting me from the wall. I ran out of my bolt of Kona PFD white, needing only another fat quarter to finish the back for this dang quilt. I bought another bolt half-off from Jo-Anns, but they have the slowest shipping in the world. It is probably coming from Siberia on a donkey or something.

Gray and Yellow pinwheel quilt

For more quilts in progress, check out Freshly Pieced! 



  • dana

    I was thinking the same thing, which is why I thought that the tiny scraps that are mostly threads from squaring up blocks could be a good way to start out – such small pieces would break down, pretty quick, I would think…

  • Kate

    Oh my gosh, you are hilarious. I definitely laughed out loud reading this! On that note, I really like the look of your HST quilt. It’s so soft and muted and lovely. Great work!

  • Sue Daurio

    What a great quilt!! I love pinwheels and your yellow and grey together are just wonderful! I’m surprised that you were even able to get fabric from Joanne’s on line, they are always out when I try. Donkey’s from Siberia made me chuckle 🙂

  • Patti Auburn

    Re: fabric scraps – I’ve heard of people putting them out, using those plastic grape bags with holes (or some other clever container), hanging them on trees for the birds to use in their nest building. I suppose the squirrels could use them in their dens too…

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