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Princess Pirate Quilt!

A friend recently asked me to make a Princess Pirate Quilt for his niece. I said yes, please.  A great opportunity to use Sarah Jane Out to Sea before it disappears (goes out to sea?). There is also a lot of Aneela Hooey A Walk in the Woods fabric in there.

Princess Pirate Quilt

I love doing special applique quilts and I LOVE kids quilts that let me just have fun with bright colors. This quilt is very PINK! I swear I used a lot of blue fabric – or I thought I did – but the pink outshines everything else.

I used my Monogram Quilt Block Tutorial to make the letters.

More details!

I appliqued on a big pirate ship and the put little fussy cut pirates from the Sarah Jane fabric all over it. I use fusible applique (Wonder Under by the bolt!) and then sew it down with a straight stitch at the quilting stage. So yes, there is a pirate ship outline on the back of the quilt. It’s not noticeable.

Princess Pirate Quilt

I thought about binding it in blue to de-pink it a bit, but fell in love with this binding that perfectly matches the clothes the little pirate girls are wearing. Also, this quilt is very poofy. I used 80/20 batting because I wanted it to be poofy, but gee, it’s poofy. Perfect for a toddler quilt.

Princess Pirate Quilt

I used a fabric marker to color some of the little pirate girls hair orange because my friend’s niece has red-hair.

Princess Pirate Quilt

I used stamps to make the label, partly because my embroidery machine is now really just not functional (SAD TIMES!) and because I do like the way stamps look. Especially on a pirate quilt!

Princess Pirate Quilt

And one last shot of my husband’s rubber boots. Thanks for holding it out in the snow!

Princess Pirate Quilt

I don’t have a picture that captures this, but the thread on the back is metallic. I was very excited about purple metallic Sulky thread, but it kept breaking in my top thread. BLERGH. I got the idea to use it as a bobbin thread and it looks great. I had heard that from Art Quilters and they are a smart bunch, eh! I should listen up more often when smart quilty ladies are talking.


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