Pillows in the Snow

This pillow doesn’t look that cozy in the snow, but I thought I would take advantage of the natural lightbox that is my front porch.
HST Quilted Diamond Pillow
I made this pillow with some leftover half square triangles and I’m very happy with it.
HST Quilted Diamond Pillow
I used green recycled polyester batting which I am less happy with – the color dinges up the white, I think, though I’m not sure it shows in this picture, and I just don’t like the way polyester lays or handles, at least, not the kinds I have tried. So, I had planned to so less quilting but only that dense quilting looked right to me.
HST Quilted Diamond Pillow
Anywho, happy winter time! It is supposed to get warm and melt the snow, which I think is just tragic. Everything is so bright and clean looking, back to gray soon…

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  • Jane B

    We are having a meltdown too. We call this a chinook wind. It’s warm and wild. This usually happens sometime in January, then we get real winter back for a time. I love your pillow.

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