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Organic Windmill Quilt!

I got a bunch of organic cottons – specifically Daisie Janie Shades of Grey – over the summer and haven’t been able to find a place for them. But what better use for them than some windmills?

Organic Windmill Quilt

I am mixing them with my preciousssss green Moda It’s a Hoot fabric – which is not organic – but the white fabric is…and the green fabric came from a charity auction – and also WINDMILLS and GREEN.  So, basically, this quilt is saving the earth, people!

Anyway, I’m just really proud to be using up stuff from my stash, since I’m not allowed to buy any new fabric unless it is SPECIFICALLY to finish a project or a really good deal or really pretty.

Here is a super nerdy quilter question: When making half square triangles, ideally, which side do you want the bias to line up with? Is there a professional preference? Like the wild and crazy gal that I am, I generally do what I like best with the pattern of the fabric, but when there isn’t pattern, I was just wondering.

I’m linking up to the lovely Freshly Pieced Work in Progress Wednesday. I have a number of works in progress leftover from last year namely, a star quilt, a globe quilt, and a wonky log cabin quilt, but let’s not concentrate on that right now.


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