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Nine Patch Party Party

I was digging through my fabric stash and found a ton of 2 inch wide pink and purple and yellow strips. I’ve been wanting to do a nine patch block with a contrasting color as the middle block for a while, so I decided this was my cue!

Because I know just enough arithmetic to be dangerous, I always think I can map out cutting strips to do really fast magical speed piecing.  Cut, sew, cut, sew and voila, huzzah, a quilt! Except for me it’s always like, Cut, sew, cut, sew, what the crap? How do I have 17.5 blocks and why are they in the wrong order? Now I have to pull everything apart.

I don’t know what I was thinking (Probably: “This podcast on the history of Iowa is so interesting”) but after a lot of cutting and coming up short and messing around, I ended up with 32 blocks instead of my planned 20.  So the lesson is, make two quilts instead of one!

I love these blocks, I think they look like pansies, which are a favorite flower because they are frost resistant and so usually the first flowers you can plant in the spring. It’s almost pansy time!

I kept the first quilt super simple with some pink and white polka dot stripping, and wanted to machine quilt it with a pansy pattern. I decided I wasn’t that talented and went with a daisy pattern. I kind of wish I’d centered the daisies on the colored blocks made each block more flower like. But the end result is ok anyway.

Pansy 9 patch blocks and daisy quiltingNine Patch Pansy Quilt…………………………..Nine Patch Pansy Quilt

I made the next quilt from the same blocks but set them on an angle and added the yellow blocks. I thought these looked like stained glass so I quilted them with “Cathedral Window” circles, and put swirly things in the borders. I kind of wish I’d done the whole thing in the Cathedral Window circles, but, I still like it ok.
Nine Patch ……………………………..Nine glass stained glass windows

I think it’s interesting how the same blocks can be presented in such different ways. PS The giant lump under the quilt pic on the right is my cat. He wouldn’t get out from under the quilt so I gave up.

I’ll be selling both of these quilts in my Etsy shop! Keep an eye out!

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