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Moving Time


Matt and I are moving! We are renting a new house on a quiet street next to the Olentangy River. We’re excited, except for the moving part. But we will have a yard! By a river!

Whenevr I move I find all kinds of half finished projects, like this quilt I got 90% done with. I found a bunch of embroidered squares at my grandmas and finished the embroidery. And pieced it into a sampler quilt. And then hand quilted it. Mostly. It needs about two more days good work, maybe. Blargh. I meant to give it to her last memorial day, but maybe this year…


  • Jodi R

    I have only one suggestion and I do not mean it to be saddening or depressing but take the time, finish the quilt and give it now so that the person it was ment for has the time to enjoy it. If anything should happen to her and you never got it to her it will be a sad memory. If she has had the chance to love it and enjoy it then if one day it comes back to you it will be a cherished happy memory.

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