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More Wedding Signature Squares

I have been busy making up wedding signature squares for a few custom orders. These are neatly starched with the white areas bordered in white artist’s tape to keep people from writing in the seam allowance. Though I have had a few come back with guests writing ON TOP OF THE TAPE. I try not to be a disdainful person, but I have some disdain for these people. I just hope they were good and drunk when they decided that the masking tape would be featured in the final wedding quilt. For way more thoughts on Wedding Signature Quilts check out my earlier post.
Quilt squares prepped for Wedding Signatures!
It’s somewhat strange to make the squares in advance like this, send them out into the universe, and have them come back several months later to sew them into a quilt. I take lots of photos so I can remember what I was thinking. Anticipating the way that the squares will be handled by the guests, and protecting the squares from that add a complicated middle step to the quilting process.

I do love the neat and tidy stacks of unfinished blocks!

Quilt squares prepped for Wedding Signatures!

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