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More Latttice Quilts! Coral Teal and Charcoal

I posted pictures of this quilt in progressed a while back – but I finished it! I am still loving lattice quilts. I like the dark triangles in this quilt much more in person – they blend better. In this picture, they are a bit over the top, isn’t that funny? The thing about quilts (that I make at least) is that generally they aren’t supposed to be viewed hung up like this – they are supposed to be seen draped and cuddled with.

Coral and Charcoal Lattice Quilt

I love all of these fabrics. I am a terrible person and can’t remember the names of hardly any of them, except to say that I got most of them at Sew to Speak – which is a lovely local quilt store in Columbus. Oh the back is from the Pat Bravo Carnaby Street which is an eye-popping good time. The fabrics are really light and silky for quilting cottons.

Coral and Charcoal Lattice

Coral and Charcoal Lattice










This pattern is very similar to The Blue Chair’s Lattice pattern set she is selling on Etsy. This set is a great deal by the way if you are wanting to make something similar!  I don’t think I copied her on purpose, but you just never know. Here is what I mocked up in EQ7 – which I think I am finally getting the hang of – thinking it was very original and clever.
Charcoal Orange Navy zig zag
Lesson #1 is never think you’re clever! It is however kind of magic to mock something up and then sew it. I am not always much of a planner.

I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced Works in Progress Wednesday. She is working on her “Bloom Bloom Pow” quilt and it is so cleverly pieced, I am loving it.


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