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Megastorm Giveaway

Quilting my Rainbow Derecho Quilt

Update: This giveaway is closed, thanks!

In honor of the latest storm of the century (and holy moly, it’s a storm of the century) and all of the ladies I have known named Sandy, as well as being in the home stretch of finishing the quilt I started during the one week power outage we enjoyed after the storm of the century we had back in July…I am having my first giveaway!

Kona Color Card Giveaway!

And if you are a fabric nerd like me, it’s a totally awesome one! Two Kona Color Cards – updated with the most recent colors – Robert Kaufman was so generous to offer some of these for me to give away as well as to use as prizes for our recent Wonky Paint Chip Challenge with the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild.

I loved having these color cards while making my Rainbow Derecho quilt and my most recent rainbow quilt – which has not yet been revealed…they are also perfect for picking out bindings and helping you decide which shade of burgundy/maroon/scarlet you want – and can even be helpful for picking out patterned fabric, as I know I sometimes suffer from “color drift” when I’m looking at millions of different patterns (You know, when you look at every shade of orange in the store and eventually lose all track of what color orange you originally wanted?).

Kona Color Card Giveaway!

Besides the handiness of these charts, I love the actual Kona cotton fabric – it sews so nicely, and the colors are so rich and deep.  I buy the PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric by the bolt – it’s a nice barely off-white, and it’s perfect for signature squares and, of course, for dyeing. If you want to hear even more glowing about this line of fabric, check out another recent quilt I made with it.

But let’s get to it! The Rules:

1. Giveaway will close after the (US) election – on November 7th, or whenever everyone (particularly me) has their electricity back after this frankenstorm.

2. Just comment for an entry – feel free to tell a crazy storm experience

3. For a second entry, you can follow my blog (add a second comment saying you have done so)

4. For a third entry, you can blog/twitter/facebookah/whatever the kids are doing about the giveaway (and add a comment saying you have done so!)

5. And yes, international entries are welcome!

6. Don’t forget to leave an email address for me to contact you if you win.

Update – I finished it! Rainbow Derecho Quilt Finished!


  • Manda

    Living in VA for a decade, I have some crazy storm experiences. But I remember the first most accurately. We were seniors in college and my then-now-ex husband had a job already in VA. We drove from MS during our spring break to find a place to live. We were driving around looking at houses when this crazy storm dropped inches of snow on the ground. It came out of nowhere- and it was March! Our realtor still took us house hunting, but once we skidded off the road and nearly died- our excursion was over.

  • Emily

    I dunno what crazy storm stories i have but i did have to cancel a trip to NYC this time around…My Dad and I would have arrived on Tuesday in the morning…not gonna happen! I hope you get through safely!

  • Kelsey

    Hmm I don’t have any crazy storm stories but it appears that my part of Ohio is part of the storm so maybe I can get just one day where the power is out only at my work so I can stay home and sew 🙂

  • Jill

    My fun storm story is that I have a basement dwelling sewing room with enough fabric and supplies to stock a small quilt shop. And I live three blocks from the Susquehanna River that floods pretty regularly. So I had a fun time moving all the most important stuff upstairs and everything else onto the tables. If we get more than three feet of flooding, I’m going into panic mode.

    A giveaway is a nice way to cheer up a Hurricane!


  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Lived in Virginia Beach, Va, one hurricane everyone was in the kitchen and suddenly no noise. My friend and I grabbed kids and headed for the bathroom when we realized the eye of the storm was above my house. It lasted about 10 minutes, then we heard ripping noises as it took of half the neighbors roof and our whole back wooden fence. We found pieces of our fence a block away after the storm. My husband’s ship had left because of the storm. Neighbors came and tarpped next door and brought sections of my fence back and nailed them back up. I was so blessed all these guys in the Navy helping other guys wives who were gone. So I shared my story – really need a Kona card too!

  • Linda


  • Anna

    What a great giveaway! I’m in SE Pennsylvania and the kids have school cancelled today and tomorrow, and my office and my husband’s offices are closed (but I am supposed to be working from home!). It’s pretty windy out there!

  • Angie Tackett

    I have several crazy storm stories living in Virginia (near the beach and the NC border). One of them is hurricane Isabel dropped my neighbors tree across our privacy fence and pool. I was alone with my three boys because hubby was out of town. I had to run out in the storm to throw sandbags against the patio doors to keep pool water out of the house. We had no power and had to cook all of the food in our freezer/refrigerator and the neighbor’s. We just turned my three boys and her three boys loose and let them eat as much as they could.

  • Jen

    I grew up in South Florida, so I’ve been through my share of hurricanes. Funny enough though, whenever the barometer dropped it would make me dreadfully sleepy. I slept through every major storm we ever had including Andrew.

  • lynn

    I’m in Maine. Worst storm was the ice storm several years ago. We got out our camping gear and camped out in the living room near the wood stove for a week.
    It was crazy!

  • NancyinSTL

    On a road trip to New Orleans, several years ago, my husband, Sandy (short for Sanford), and I drove through the eye of Tropical Storm Bill. I had never been so scared in my life and actually prepared myself to meet my maker. I was certain that it would be the end of us. We couldn’t even see the tail-lights of the car ahead of us and the wind had blown large trees across the interstate. Never, ever, ever (as Taylor Swift would say) will I allow myself to get caught on the road in a storm like that.

  • Jane B

    Hi. Love your blog! Thanks for the cool giveaway. I too suffer badly from color drift. Maybe this card would help.
    Storm Story: We had an ice storm here several years ago about this time of year: a steady rain right at freezing temperatures. It coated everything with ice, every twig, leaf & branch of trees, it filled in the spaces on chain link fences and coated the front of my friend’s house so we could not open her front door or garage. Many trees came down. Power was out for 4 days, on again for about a half a day and off for another 2 days. We slept in the living room and kept our wood stove going. We had arguments about who would do dishes because the hot water heater still worked and you got to put your hands in the warm water. Baths were great until you had to get out. It was so beautiful the second day when the sun came out and the ice just sparkled on everything. Our kids have very fond memories of the whole thing.

  • Patricia L.

    When my 4 kids were young we went to see the grandparents out of town. While we were gone there was a cold snap to like 2 degrees. When we got home we heard water running and found that the garage was flooded with about 3 inches of water due to a pipe bursting. We had power but not water for about 5 days. We used the neighbor’s garden hose to get water for toilets and dishes and took baths at various friends homes. It took that long to get it fixed because the plumbers were so busy from the freezing weather.

  • wendy

    We don’t have the kind of storms over here that you get in the US. I can tell you an earthquake story though. Travelling through Siberia/mongolia/China in 2003, me and my friend had food poisoning in Ulan Bataar. We were lying in our Ger feeling sorry for ourselves when the whole place felt like it was shaking. I said so to my friend and she said i just felt ill. A little later she said the world was shaking but I thought it was just her. A week later we arrived in Beijing and were met by a frantic friend who’d been worried about us all week due to the earthquake in Mongolia which was a 7 on the richter scale! She’d felt the tremors a thousand miles away!!

  • Roxanne

    I lived in Florida for about 16 years and went through many, many storms. Katrina came thru on it’s way to New Orleans and Wilma came by a few weeks later and took whatever Katrina left behind. Miami looked like a war zone. The roof was gone but the pets and I were fine. It took about a week to get the power back. The weirdest part was seeing the empty shelves at the supermarket. Just rows and rows of empty shelves.

    On a brighter note – I would love to win the color card!!

    Stay safe everyone!

  • karillia

    Ive been thru several hurricanes living on the coast in CT. As a kid it was fun having no power for a few days and having Monopoly marathons with the neighbor kids by candlelight. Now I have moved to Oregon and the weather is fairly mellow, if a bit wet. My parents and brother still are in CT and my parents, ignoring the manditory evacuation for Sandy, lost both their cars when the Long Island Sound filled their street and garage. Luckily the house sits on a small hill so water only got up to the 2nd step. Im a bit jealous (just a little bit!) my brother got to kayak around town but am actually glad I live in a valley with out crazy storms.

  • Melinda

    I live in GA so we don’t get tons of storms the likes of what you got hit with. Hurrican Opal was probably the worst for us. We go to the mountains every New Year and it was amazing to see the devastation of the trees and entire forests after that.

  • Veronica

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these babies. I haven’t been in a lot of life-threatening storms, but we do get a lot of tornadoes where I live. During the last bad storm I was in, the wind was so bad that the neighbor’s tree fell on our shed and completely smashed it. We were lucky it didn’t fall on our house or cars.

  • Carla G

    I don’t have any crazy storms that I’ve experienced… But I got to feel the earthquake that was off the coast of BC on Saturday night. It felt like our house was rocking/swaying for about a minute. It was really weird. It made us all feel dizzy. Glad it wasn’t any stronger… Hope you faired the storm fine. 🙂 Thanks for a chance to win!

  • Grey Cat Quilts

    Back when I was in high school, a blizzard blew in. Now, we had plenty of notice that the storm was blowing in. Still, for whatever reason, the schools refused to let out early. I had to walk the mile home in a blizzard with maybe ten feet of visibility in front of me, with the snow already up to mid-thigh!

    Once I got home, I spent the rest of the afternoon keeping the drive and sidewalk clear so that my parents could actually pull into the garage.

  • Gill

    I’m in the UK so no hurricanes here but we do suffer from flooding!
    In 1990 the river burst it’s banks and water was pouring through the (waist high) letterbox of my neighbour’s house!!

  • Becky Greene

    We are just over the border from NY state and it has not been a fun week. We (thank goodness!!!!) have power, but no school for a week (fingers crossed for Monday) and long lines to get five gallons of gas. So many have it worse than me – I feel so bad for NY and NJ folks. Thanks for brightening up the storm week with this great giveaway – I have always wanted a color card!

  • Carmen

    Ha, what a great reason to do a giveaway. We were very fortunate in that pretty much nothing happened to us — just some scary wind and rain, but that’s it! Thanks so much!

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