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Media That I Am Currently Enjoying

In case you are looking for pleasant entertainment suggestions:

Moving Pictures with spoken words:

  • Dexter (re-runs): A bit gruesome but with hope and wit and manageable amounts of moral ambiguity mixed in.
  • Parks and Recreations: The best thing TV has done since Arrested Development?

Just pictures:

Just words:

  • I have decided to re-read some Kurt Vonnegut, starting with Timequake, since that’s what was on the shelf. I like it! It’s funny and sad, but not too sad.  An old man in 1996 wandering around through his life and trying to imagine the year 2011.

Spoken words:

  • Pop Culture Happy Hour – recent find, it’s a podcast spin off of the NPR blog Monkey See
  • Science Friday – an actual NPR show
Any enjoyable media suggestions? 

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