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Love Quilt

A while back, a gal bought one of my quilts to use as a backdrop for her wedding photos. Which got me thinking about an idea I had a long time ago to make a quilt with the word Love on it, using these pretty brown and blue fabrics I have had set aside for EONS.

Many moons later, this happened:

Basting Love QuiltThis is me watching TV on the computer and pin basting up the Love quilt. It will find some kind of use in the wedding, I’m sure.

The flowers are based off of civil war era applique quilts. However, I did the applique while watching Dr. Who and for that reason looking at it makes me think of Dr. Who. I often want to name quilts after the show I was watching/book I was listening to when I made them, but, I guess I won’t.

Matt took this picture with our new Canon Rebel camera! We have been wanting one for years and decided the wedding and honeymoon were good reasons to splurge.

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  • Jenny

    I LOVE the ‘Love’ quilt. Oh, and I love your blog! You are so freakin’ talented my eyeballs are exploding and shooting out unicorns (on computer paper). Miss you friend.
    See you next weekend!

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