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Linen Stars Quilt

Forever ago – I’m going to say about 10 years ago – wait I found a blog post from 2012!– I made a wedding quilt for a customer using some beige and pink linen fabric.

I was I was really in love with the color combination so I used the small bit of scraps I had left to piece together this little mini quilt.

Then I was on to the next thing, but I quickly quilted it with some really sloppy stars and swirls which I have always been unhappy with. Set the quilt set in a box forever. Or for 6 years to be exact.

I was just talking to a friend how when you’re unhappy with the project at the time it seems like a fate worse than death to pull out stitches, but if you let it sit 6 or 7 years it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to pull out old work – since I did the work so long ago you can’t even remember.

So that’s what I did with this project! I have been wanting to try some improv style Matchstick quilting and this seemed like the perfect candidate. It only took me a few minutes to pull out the free motion quilt it starts and swirls, because they were so poorly done. It must have been something wrong with my tension – but anyway.

It took me a considerably longer bit of time to do this very dense quilting – but it was really fun.

I wasn’t the only one having fun either – my daughter took the triangles left over from making the new binding and made her own little mini quilt by gluing the triangles onto a piece of paper – she has insisted that I keep it hanging in my sewing room!

I also used some aurifil Lana wool thread I had gotten a long time ago when or if it was doing a lot of blog giveaways and promotions. When I got my free spoo l of brown Aurifil, I wasn’t sure I would ever use it, but I love it in this project. It broke a lot in my machine so I kind of wished I had put it in the bobbin – which is what I do when I am quilting with pearl cotton or embroidery thread with great results.

This is something in between regular thread and pearl cotton, so I thought I could make it work threading it from the top spool but it was a little finicky. I do love the look of it though.

Lots of people say they like every color, but brown. I love Brown and I love the Browns in this quilt! As someone pointed out on Instagram Brown is the color of chocolate chocolate and coffee. What’s not to love!

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