Linen Diamonds

Linen Diamonds

Linen Diamonds

I’m happy as 10,000 clams with this quilt. I used Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed linen for the frame and ends and it is soooo pretty and the texture is so dreamy. And I used more of my shiny organic sheets for the back, which again, dreamy texture.

I’ve had this one and been making an odd block here and there for a while but got my rear in gear to finish it for the Festival of Strings – which you should check out!

I love string quilts and got extra inspired by the string quilts featured in this episode of Craft in America which featured Mississippi Cultural Crossroads quilting. Linen Diamonds

Linen DiamondsI wanted spiral quilting and had originally thought I would do one big spiral, but after I filled in one of the diamonds with one circle, I loved that! So I did a bunch of circles in the many diamonds.

I used two shades of yellow thread and the gold rayon here is just glowing in the sun. I hate hand embroidery with Rayon, but it worked really nicely in the machine.

I used an old sheet as the base for the strip piecing. I hate tearing out paper and I like the stability and texture of the fabric layered on top of the fabric.

It’s all scraps from the million recent shades of beige quilts I’ve done recently, plus random color scraps that are in my scrap bin. The new fabric is the linen mentioned above and the backing.

It’s always a puzzle in the quilting where to stop and start the overlapping echoes. This is the third quilt I’ve done in a similar style and I think it’s much more natural this time. It’s not as obvious where the circles meet, your eyes are drawn to it was badly in previous attempts.

Linen Diamonds

Linen Diamonds

Depending on the light I do and don’t like the frame – I really wish it was maybe an inch thinner? It’s so severe, but maybe severe is ok. Linen Diamonds


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