Is It Still Wednesday?

To Sash?

Yesterday was Work in Progress Wednesday, but in my heart, it’s still Wednesday. So here’s what’s happening at Ye Olde Water Penny Laboratory.

In my attempts to use up more hand-dyed fabric, I am making a quilt using gradations of orange. I am trying to decide whether to sash or not to sash. The resident engineer/fashion consultant says it looks better sashed, and it will make the quilt bigger, so, IOr not to sash? will probably sash it up.

I’m also fulfilling two dreams of mine – a whole cloth camo quilt, and quilting outside. With my new clean deck, I realized I can now baste OUTSIDE. I was planning on just machine quilting around the camo lines, but then thought about drawing a big ole buck on there, and got really excited. So, the cats are keeping that one warm while I think about it. Question – is it crazy to drag my

I really don't pose my cats on the quilts. It is in fact quilt difficult to get them off the quilts. sewing machine outside to quilt? ???

Also, last week we did stamping in my fabric dyeing class. Which is awesome! I brought in some old sheets and stamped like a maniac. I was going for sloppy messy  free form, which is sort of cool, but at some point, I probably want to stamp something that actually looks nice.

Speaking of not looking nice, this html formatting sucks. Whatever! This isn’t a tech blog.

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