I think I’m becoming a fashion blogger


I have been waiting by the mailbox for a really awesome gift – a new Peterson Field Guide to Birds! Which came today (!), along with an Urban Outfitters catalog (whom I have complained about before ).

I made the mistake of ordering a new pair of jeans from a real store and now I am suddenly getting a new catalog every day. When they come, I put them in a stack and then once a week go on-line and add them to my list of CATALOGS I HATE and they magically stop coming.

No offense to anyone who goes hiking in their grandma’s lingerie and a weird jean jacket with sweater sleeves that they stole from Kirk Cameron (from his atheist days, I can tell!), but what the hell is going on! To be constructive though, they did photograph these terrible clothes in a very lovely place.

In summary:

1. High waisted pants/skirts/undies (especially the undies) shouldn’t have come back in style and someone should be punished.

2. If you go hiking in your grandma’s underwear, be warned you may get your bare legs all scratched up.

3. If you want to wear granny underwear, just wear your grannies and not crazy expensive designer granny undies.

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