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Hemming with Maxi-Lock Stretch Thread and Another New Dress

I am incredibly excited about a very wonky sewing thing. Where to start?

Let’s see, for years I sewed on an older sewing machine that did everything from knits to quilting to embroidery until it broke. Sad face.

I decided to get a more sturdy, more metal, straight stitch only Brother 1500  which I love, but is no good for sewing knits, because you can’t do any special stretch stitches.

Then two years ago, I ran across a Brother Serger for $60 (which is an amazing deal) So now I have a serger, and can sew knits, but I CAN’T HEM THEM or do any top stitching unless I buy a fourth sewing machine.

UNTIL NOW! I recently discovered Maxi-Lock Stretch thread, which allows you to sew on knits using a straight stitch.  This blog by Made by Rae  has a lot of great tips on how to use it.

Hemming with maxi lock stretch thread in the bobbin

The basic issue is, because knit fabrics (like a t-shirt or swim suit) are stretchy, the sewing stitch and/or thread has to stretch too, or the thread will break and your clothes fall apart.

Since I can’t do a stretch stitch, I can get around this issue by using stretch thread. Essentially, this $9 spool of thread has saved me hundreds of dollars on a new sewing machine.

Because I am over the moon about this new technique, I’m sharing it on The Sewing Lofts Tools and Techniques Entry for her September Sewing Month link up. 

Sunshine Dress with Coral Girl Charlee Horse Fabric

I just got the thread a few days ago, and the first thing I hemmed was this coral horse dress, using fabric from Girl Charlee. It is using the Sunshine Dress by Pattern for Pirates with my lined bodice hack that I wrote about here.

Sunshine Dress with Coral Girl Charlee Horse Fabric

I have both a lot and nothing to say about this dress. I was very excited about it, but feel very meh with how I feel wearing the finished product. I am trying to decide whether I want to have it with the belt or with out – leaning towards with out the belt.

Sunshine Dress with Coral Girl Charlee Horse Fabric

The fabric is light weight which I thought would feel nice in the dress, but it feels almost too flimsy. It may grow on me! I also want to try it with a cardigan, which as the weather is cooling, is how I’m going to be wearing it. Please note the water droplets in this photo – my toddler was spraying me with the hose.

Sunshine Dress with Coral Girl Charlee Horse Fabric

But the real take away is – it was SO EASY to hem with this new stretch thread.


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