Half Square Triangle Party – and an Invitation to Party with Me!


Like most quilters, I love a half Square Triangle! I have been developing some classes I want to teach and want to do one on the Magic 8 HST method and all the great blocks you can do.

So the first step is to make a bunch of half Square triangles – I had fun making these and playing with a different layout. I think I’m going to offer this as a beginner quilt class in the fall.

I have a beginner quilting class all set up for June I am pretty excited about it.

Enrollments open this week so check it outif you live in the Cincinnati area!

I am also teachinga hand quilting class at Baker Hunt in July.

I am setting up classes at a few places around town. I have been having a blast teaching Free Motion Quilting and Paper Piecing at Sew Ezy – one of the oldest sewing shops in the area! Some of the students have been shopping there for a few generations.

I’m lucky to live in the exact middle of the Cincinnati Metro area so I am going to be teaching at three places that are all about 20 minutes from my house in different directions – I am hoping this lets me meet a variety of people and teach a variety of types of classes – since the facilities are all really different and in different neighborhoods.

I am also starting a newsletter because I’ll be teaching a different places to keep people informed of where my classes are. Do you want to be my first sign up?

In my “real job” work in non-profits, one of my favorite things to do was training, and I have done a lot of volunteer work in my quilt guilds doing trainings and education, but I haven’t done a lot of formal classes – so this is a new thing for me and really exciting!

Let me know if there are classes you would like to see! I started a new tab for my classes and workshops on this page of my website.

Wish me luck on my new adventure. Worse comes to worse I have a fabulous stack of navy quilt blocks and other fun class samples to show for my time!

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