Goals for December!

This month more or less marks one year since I have was a full-time employed person with a super-job that helps make the universe slightly less horrible.

For the last year I have been instead a person who gets plenty of sleep and occasionally dabbles in super-badass social justice projects and also spends a lot of time sewing and gardening and thinking about things. I’ve also become a married person! Not that that is much of an accomplishment, but it was a lot of fun! I’ve also become a person that lives in Columbus, OH.

I have also spent more hours sulking around the interwebs than I am willing to admit to myself. Damn you, interwebs! No wait, I love you, interwebs!

Anyway, my point is, sometimes it is hard not have a full time job. One, because I see and talk to fewer people unless I directly seek out talking to people, which, haahahhhaha, like that would happen! Two, because there is an easy self-worth I get from being fully employed at a non-profit doing cool things that I have to manufacture for myself now that I’m severely under-employed.

But, eh, most of the time it is AWESOME!!!!!! We don’t have a lot of extra money, but then again, we have a lot fewer expenses.

So my point is, I decided today that I needed a goal for December and here it is:

I will do a handstand. I have been doing more yoga lately and that is a thing people sometimes do in yoga. I finally was brave enough to do a headstand a few years back and afterwards felt like a freakin’ superhero, but the novelty has worn off.

This guy is my current role model:

Funny Pictures - Cat Gifs


  • Lorrrrri

    Dana, let’s be real here. That cat is knocking into things with its butt, and you’ve been doing that for years. Good luck with the handstand though. (I learned to do them when I was 6. Yow! I’m being mean tonight!)

  • dana

    Ha ha, you’re just jealous because I get to sleep.

    Did you know I couldn’t even do a cartwheel when I was a kid? Being upside down scares me.

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