Geese Flying Over Mountains

Flying Geese Mountains QuiltI wanted to make a flying geese quilt when I ran across this clever method for speed piecing flying geese blocks.  Plus I have a thing for geese. And I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making a monochromatic quilt.  So I started this quilt – and blogged about what arrangement to use. And now I’ve finally finished my least favorite part of the quiltmaking process – posting stuff on etsy – so it’s yours for the taking!This is where I gave up quilting. But I started again!

I ended up arranging them so they looked like lots and lots of green summertime mountains – since I also have a thing for mountains. And also summertime.

I haven’t done much straight-line quilting, but I like the idea and so decided to try it. I like the way it looks, but I tell ya, I got really bored about 3/4’s of the way through quilting this.  The monotonous quilting process gave me lots of space to think about mountains and birds as symbols for spring and renewal. It’s been a sucky 2011 with lots of family illnesses and bad news.  I just did a write up of four amazing people who were active in the movement to end mountaintop removal in Appalachia, only to learn about a fifth wonderful person from this vibrant movement who recently passed away.

So this cheerful summery quilt has a lot of stuff weighing it down, but look, the blocks just soar off that clean field of white.

Look at my nice redhead's red head peeking out over the top.

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