Finished Quilts 2014

This year has not been a good year for blogging for me – it’s been a weird year on a few fronts, so a lot of quilts I made to give away or for custom Etsy orders I didn’t blog about and some I didn’t even bother to take a picture of! Or the pictures I did take were on the living floor in the middle of the night in February. Oh February! I’m still hoping 2015 won’t have a February!!!

Anyway, quilts that have blogs to go with them have a link!

Rainbow Scrappy Lonestar Quilt
I love this quilt! I have a sort of tutorial here.

And I like the back as much as the front!

Sampler Quilt

This has been on the shelf for 2-3 years. So glad to have it done. It’s on the couch now.

Sampler Quilt
Turquoise Triangles Baby Quilt

An old friend had a baby and I got to make a quilt!

His name is Charlie!

Baby Boy Bunny Quilt

Another little boy! This one I started a few years ago, it was just waiting for the right baby to come along!

Charley Harper Cardinal Quilt
This quilt is one of my favorites – it’s on my lap right now! There’s a “sorta” tutorial for this quilt here. 

Fall Frames Quilt

At first this quilt was for a customer order, then it was for me, then it was for a customer again. I’m at piece with it all.

Fuchsia and Turquoise Lightning Wedding Quilt

The bride had a friend promise to make her squares into a quilt – but her friend got too busy and never did. So I agreed to finish the quilt for her. The squares were all different wild sizes, but I worked up a few designs with the bride and we both liked this one best. As Matt said, “That does not look like a quilt you would make or that I would like, but actually, I do like it, I think?” Honestly I was watching the Sci-Fi Channel TV show “Haven” on Netflix while sewing this, so I just see that tv show when I look at it.

Fuchsia and Turquoise Wedding Quilt

Fuchsia and Turquoise Lightning Wedding Quilt Back
I love having the monogram on the back of the quilt!

Fuchsia and Turquoise Wedding Quilt

Coral and Pink Wedding Circles Quilt
Not a very creative name? I used the Olfa rotary cutter that cuts out circles for this. I had half a tutorial together, but it got too crazy. It took me so much longer than I thought it would. I love these fabrics though

Coral and Pink Wedding Circles Quilt

Coral and Pink Wedding Circles Quilt Back

Coral and Pink Wedding Circles Quilt

Signature Quilts
I love these simple quilts. I really do. Here are a few custom orders.

Horseshoe Wedding Signature Quilt

Signature Quilt

Wedding Tree Signature Quilt

Purple Oak Leaf Quilt


Converging Corners Rainbow Quilt
I actually blogged this one! I won these blocks in our guild block lottery! Yay! The best part of February.
Converging Corners Rainbow Quilt
Converging Corners Yellow Giant Star Back

I love this back. Also, the dense flannel is so nice as a fall blanket now that the weather has cooled down.
Yellow Giant Star Backing

Twelve Sisters Quilt
This beast sat unfinished for a very, very long time. But I’m so happy I finished it!
Coral Twelve Sisters Triangle Quilt
Twelve Sisters Quilt Back
Yet another quilt back that I almost like better than the front…

Coral Twelve Sisters Triangle Quilt

Scrappy Trip – Muted Rainbow Version

OMG this took me so long to finish. You’ll have to read the story in the blog.
Scrappy Trip Along Muted Rainbow - Finally finished!

Fox Applique Chevrons

I mean, Chevrons and foxes! I think both of those were more popular in 2013, but you can’t always be popular. 😉 I have a very basic tutorial for the applique at the link.
Fox Applique quilt

Charley Harper Goldfinch Mosaic Quilt

I love this quilt!
Can't decide whether to give him legs or not...
Charley Harper Goldfinch Mosaic Quilt Back

Charley Harper Goldfinch Quilt Finished!

Michigan Quilt
I have another version that is Ohio.
michigan quilt

Lotta Giant Tote Bag
Ok, this isn’t a quilt, but I did a whole tutorial to go with it. Whole Lotta Bag instructions
Lotta Giant Tote Bag

Bunch of bunting quilts.
I am interested to know who made the first bunting quilt. It is such a sweet design.
Glitz Bunting quilt



Rainbow Bunting Quilt

Coral Teal and Gray Bunting Quilt

Zombie Quilt!

I really should have actually taken pictures of this quilt. I had a lot of fun making it.
zombie quilt

Quilted Headboard

I set this on fire. No really.
Make your own DIY Quilted Wrought Iron Headboard

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