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More Fall Quilts…

My lovely assistant, Mr. Random.org choose two winners for Kona Color Cards in my Megastorm giveaway! If you didn’t win, I am going to be having an Aurifil thread sampler giveaway in the near future, so keep your eye out for that!  If you like reading about wild storm stories, definitely check out the comments – thanks everyone for your stories! I really enjoyed reading them. Ok, without further delay:

NancyinSTL says:

On a road trip to New Orleans, several years ago, my husband, Sandy (short for Sanford), and I drove through the eye of Tropical Storm Bill. I had never been so scared in my life and actually prepared myself to meet my maker. I was certain that it would be the end of us. We couldn’t even see the tail-lights of the car ahead of us and the wind had blown large trees across the interstate. Never, ever, ever (as Taylor Swift would say) will I allow myself to get caught on the road in a storm like that.

Sam says:

No crazy storm stories…but I do dream of the power being off at work, but not at home, so I can stay home and sew :)

Fall Lattice Signature Quilt
I finished this quilt – a simple but neat traditional pattern.

I quilted leaves around the edge, and did the rest in a grid. I might have done something with more leaves, but the recipient is using it as a signatures, so I’ll let the words take the center stage of the quilt.

I love the browns with a few spots of bright leafy fall color. I am also loving diamonds lately. These blocks look like they are set on point, but it’s just a trick of the Shooting Star block.
Fall Lattice Signature Quilt

Fall Lattice Signature Quilt

The back is simple for me, I loved this floral fabric and didn’t want to cut it.

Fall Lattice Signature Quilt

It’s a beautiful fall day! Now that I’ve adjusted to the colder weather a little, I am loving the crisp air and that fall smell that is like nothing else. Blue skies and bright colors on the few trees that still have leaves.

Fall Lattice Signature QuiltIt’s Wednesday, so I’m linking up with the folks at Freshly Pieced Work in Progress Wednesday. This quilt is finished though, hope I’m not breaking the rules…

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