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Fall Gardens Wedding Quilt

Fall Gardens Wedding QuiltI first met the incomparable Lauren aka Lolo when she was living on a West Virginia ridgetop with a bunch of nuns on fourwheelers. Though I loved her mountain retreat, we spent most of our time together blowing off rural steam in the big city of Charleston.

I can thank Lauren for introducing me to a bunch of cool music, and I’m pretty sure she was with me at the concert where the married lead singer of a very well known bluegrass band asked me to go to the bathroom with him. What did he want me to do in the bathroom? It will remain one of my life’s biggest mysteries.Fall Gardens Wedding Quilt

Lauren was also the girl who got the mission, “Hey, I think I want to go on a date with this Matt guy,  check him out for me.” and the report came back, “He is really nice and smart, a good cook, with really nice teeth.” I was thus sold on my future husband, and I’m sure his parents are happy to hear that after all the orthodontist bills…
Fall Gardens Wedding Quilt
Fall Gardens Wedding QuiltAnyway, I love this creative, kind gem of a human being and am really happy she found a guy worthy of her cosmic babe energy. I have never met the groom, but I have seen pictures, and he has really nice teeth.

I made this quilt for her and Chris – I have been thinking of it as my Fall Gardens Wedding quilt, with a flare of orange for a fall wedding. The little boxes are like neat little community garden plots, and the wild overgrown jungle leaves quilted on top are the reality of what my garden actually looks like.
Fall Gardens Wedding Quilt
I based the quilting off of the Ikea fabric on the backing. I am tickled with the quilting, and thinking to make some embroidery patterns based off some of the designs.
Fall Gardens Wedding Quilt

Every time I pass the exit to Lauren’s mountain shangri-la I think, “Yay! my friend Lauren lives here.” But she doesn’t anymore! And I don’t live in West Virginia anymore either, though if we both still did, I’m pretty sure our band would be world-famous with our first international pop hit being, “Let’s start an Action Sandwich”Fall Gardens Wedding Quilt
Congrats to the happy couple!
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