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Fall Frames Quilt

I started this pretty little thing as a custom order. The customer changed their mind and ordered a different quilt (la la la!!!!) but I was in love with the fabrics so was excited to finish it anyway. Of course, it took me a year to finish it! But it’s done!

It uses lots of Kaffe Fassets shot cottons which I like, though they are very lightweight fabrics. It is also nearly impossible to order them on-line, they often look nothing like the swatches provided. I guess you’ll have that when they are, of course, actually made of two different colored thread. It’s now listed in my shop though I’ll be honest, I rarely sell finished quilts, just custom orders, and I kind of those this one too much to part with! But the house is full, sacrifices must be made!

Fall Neutral Frames Quilt

This was one of my Fall 2014 goals listed in my original post here. I’m moving through my list!

I quilted it with a little meander.
Fall Neutral Frames Quilt

And then took really lazy pictures of it. I should do a better job. But, you know, I’m not a photographer! I’m so jealous of all the amazing quilt photographers, but I suspect they try a lot harder than I do. Generally I just drag darling husband out into the yard as he is leaving for work and so I am cutting into his (3 minute) commute time.

Wedding Guestbook Signature Quilt

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