Everything I Do Today Hurts My Left Wrist

Today, everything I do hurts my left wrist. The plus side is that everything I don’t want to do hurts my wrist.

The minus side is that everything I want to do also hurts my left wrist. Except typing, actually; I don’t really feel like typing much, but I don’t hate it.

It all started when I was in 7th grade and made a giant pile of leaves and then jumped into the pile of leaves and broke my left wrist. Ever since my left wrist has been a big whiner.

I want to quilt a bunch of quilts. I think that’s where the hurty wrist stuff is coming from. I spent an hour yesterday pulling the worst stitches out of the rocket ship quilt and like it better. I am taking my dad’s advice to “Put that blanket on the shelf for a few days” and focus on other projects.

For example: whining about my wrist. Also: listening to Mirah.

Update: The boyfriend thinks my wrist hurts because of the giant engagement ring he got me. I have decided I injured it opening the giant doors at Urban Outfitters.


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