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Elderberry Wine

For Christmas, from our lovely friend Rory, we got a bucket of elderberry wine base that is supposed to make 3-5 gallons of wine – wahoo! I’m pretty excited about it, it is the project for the day.

We brew beer fairly regularly, but I have never brewed wine. I am trying to learn about it, but it feels so jumbly in my head, like there is not room for information on wine with all this info on beer bubbling around in there, it’s so similar, but so different.  Like crocheting vs. knitting? Or maybe I am just really drunk? No, not actually. So, Matt is in charge of making sure we don’t ruin the wine, which is good, because he’s done it before.

One of the puzzles is where you get 30-40 wine bottles from? Does anyone want to donate wine bottles for the cause? Used beer bottles are easy for us to come by, but we don’t have a plan for finding empty wine bottle supplier, besides “the recycling center” and “asking a  bar.”

Looking on-line, the only reason it says not to bottle your wine in beer bottles is because it’s “not very romantic.” So maybe we could bottle the wine like beer? hmm…

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