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Dream Map Quilt

dream map full 1800

As girl I had recurring dreams of flying over mystical intersecting roads, but lost in the endless tasks of early motherhood, I felt I was losing my ability to dream. I began to have dreams where I attempted to fly, but no longer could.

dream maps close 4

The improvisational piecing technique spun off of Elizabeth Hartman’s Mod Mosaic block. It was an attempt to get back in touch with daydreaming and exploration without purpose. The gray roads in this piece meander, intersect and connect landscapes of bright girlhood fabrics, creating a stained glass bizarre dream map of a city that doesn’t exist.

dream maps close 3
I worked on this quilt on and off for two years. It is part of my series I have jokingly called my pink gray scrap saga. I had so many pink and gray scraps, and in the process, recruited even more from friends. I have 5 projects so far in the saga, this is one of my favorites, but I think one reason I let it linger so long is I was ready to work in a different color.
Dream Maps Close 2
Another reason it lingered is it was really just a lot of work. It took forever to get my improv pieces to work, and I don’t know what I was doing, but the whole thing isn’t even square!

Then the quilting had to be what it had to be. Which is a lot of stopping, starting and turning. Yikes.

Dream Maps Close 1

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