DIY Flannel Nursing Pads

It is not the most glamorous thing in the world, but when I was expecting the baby, I made 10 flannel and fleece breast pads using this tutorial on the off chance that I liked them. I was hoping to breastfeed, but not counting on it, since I know so many awesome moms and babies who didn’t have breastfeeding work out.

DIY Flannel Breast Pads

The photo shows them after lots of washes – they hold up great!

Anyway, so I made the flannel breast pads, because I in general like to be eco-friendly and so reusable instead of disposable is generally my preference. But I got gifted a few hundred unused disposable breast pads from various friends who had finished nursing and had leftovers — so then I figured I wouldn’t even use my silly flannel ones.

But it turns out I love them! They are soo much softer than the scratchy disposable ones. I think I had about 4-5 different brands of disposable breast pads and I didn’t like any of them, especially those first few weeks. The flannel ones were a life saver. The ones with flannel on one side and fleece on the other did a particularly good job of protecting against leaks. You put the fleece side out, the flannel absorbs the milk pretty well. I have a mix of each kind. You can also make them with a super absorbent middle layer if you want to buy a special fabric, but I was just using up scraps from other projects to make these, so didn’t buy anything special. These just use the cheapest flannel fabric from Joann Fabric.

And now after some struggle (and them some more!) and then a few more struggles, we’ve actually got a pretty good breastfeeding relationship going. To celebrate, I made a bunch more breast pads using the same tutorial. If you have a serger (I recently got one and this was my first project on the serger!) they are a dream to sew and the only work is cutting out the circles. If you had an accuquilt or other die cutter, they would really be a dream! I made them for a baby shower gift I like them so much!

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