Dirty Hands

I came across the image to the right on a website that features series of random compelling images. I saw her hands were dirty with something white and thought, “Oh, how interesting, what has she been doing?”

What gets your hands dirty like that? Baking bread, pottery, hmm…playing in the snow, which she is obviously not dressed for.

On closer inspection, I realized she was just wearing white lace gloves.  The thought that this picture had captured someone in the middle of some kind of craft was a really interesting premise to me. In contrast, lace gloves are the opposite of interesting, a sign of a lack of activity, because, really, what useful things can happen while wearing a pair of white lace gloves?

Obviously this is supposed to be some kind of sexy picture, and I thought that I would like to innovate a genre of sexy pictures where people are doing interesting things that they are talented at (like baking bread, or making pottery).

Then I realized that such a genre exists – the sexy fireman photo.

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  • Suzanne

    Maybe sipping tea and eating cakes? That’s fun too!

    It does call baking to mind though, especially since her shorts are a bit distressed. So it looks like a spray of flour or powdered sugar.

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