Corporations making fake crafts aggravate me.

Today it was really warm out (45 Fahrenheit?) I went for a long walk which brought me by Urban Outfitters. Even though I knew it would annoy me, I went in there anyway.

As a side note, I do get a lot of pleasure out of going to stores and restaurants that consistently irritate me, just so I can see what stupid thing they are going to do that drives me nuts. I’ve lived in a lot of small towns, where you get this opportunity more than in a big city where it is easier to avoid stores with terrible customer service, terrible products, and etc.

Anyway, gripe number 1: The doors were giant wooden monstrosities that were barely accessible to me, and would have been completely impossible for a person in a wheelchair or with any kind of limitation to arm mobility to open. Jerks.

Gripe number 2: Fake glasses everywhere. As a person who wears real glasses VERY PROUDLY because they have been a part of my face and identity since 4th grade (when it was not cool to wear glasses) it just rubs me wrong when people wear fake prescription glasses to look cool. I mean, it’s not as weird as pretending to need a wheelchair or wearing a cast to look cool, but it is still dumb.

Gripe number 3: (are you riveted yet?) Selling mass-manufactured stuff that looks like a crafter made it. Macy’s is doing this too. And, ok, I guess it’s kind of fair if handmade is the aesthetic that sells, then big stores are going to copy that. But they are stealing their ideas from small scale artists, which sucks. And I am irritated with consumers that are buying $350 quilts at Macy’s and $30 feather earrings at Urban Outfitters, when they look like cheap versions of stuff you can get off Etsy.

Look here now, I have real problems and am basically in a perpetual anxiety attack over the state of politics right now, but it is very cathartic for me to insult Urban Outfitters.


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