Center Pivot Irrigation Quilt

centerpivot full 1800

I actually finished this quilt a few months back, but just got around to doing nice pictures because I wanted to enter it into a few quilt shows.

Centerpivot Close Up 1800

Like most quilters, I gaze out airplane windows and see endless landscapes of potential quilts.

centerpivot close up 2

The scrap circles and white stained sheet were found in a garbage bag intended to be made into dog bed filling, cut by an unknown maker for an unknown purpose. The cheap polyester fabrics were a construction challenge, and the old sheet had a subtle color variation that seemed an interesting interpretation of the phrase “hand dyed.” I experienced constant self-doubt during the extravagant hours of quilting time spent on this old trash, but in the end, it is a favorite piece.

centerpivot close 3

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