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    Fall Frames Quilt

    I started this pretty little thing as a custom order. The customer changed their mind and ordered a different quilt (la la la!!!!) but I was in love with the fabrics so was excited to finish it anyway. Of course, it took me a year to finish it! But it’s done! It uses lots of Kaffe Fassets shot cottons which I like, though they are very lightweight fabrics. It is also nearly impossible to order them on-line, they often look nothing like the swatches provided. I guess you’ll have that when they are, of course, actually made of two different colored thread. It’s now listed in my shop though I’ll…

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    Wedding Signature Quilts Galore

    I recently did some updates to my wedding signature quilt tutorial – I want to do a several part tutorial on the whole deal, as it’s a lot of little fiddly things to toss together – but this will do for now. I have actually been busy sewing lots of wedding signature quilts. Here is a little party of them. Colors! These monogram quilts are very popular, I have made them in about every color now. I have always wanted to make a trip around the world – this one was fun! The couples names and wedding dates are embroidered in the middle. This was a queen size that I mailed…

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    Fabric Wedding Sign Tutorial

    I made this fabric sign to go along with an upcoming wedding signature quilt I am going to make. It is very simple, but not something I’ve seen much of, so I also made this simple tutorial to go with it.  It’s a pdf. I find it so much easier to format such things off-line. Let me know if it’s useful! FYI, you don’t have to sew down the letters! I liked the way it looks but for a sign that’s not going through the wash, ironing the letters down is sturdy enough.  I use Pellon Wonder Under Fusible webbing for this project. I love applique and it was fun to…

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    More Latttice Quilts! Coral Teal and Charcoal

    I posted pictures of this quilt in progressed a while back – but I finished it! I am still loving lattice quilts. I like the dark triangles in this quilt much more in person – they blend better. In this picture, they are a bit over the top, isn’t that funny? The thing about quilts (that I make at least) is that generally they aren’t supposed to be viewed hung up like this – they are supposed to be seen draped and cuddled with. I love all of these fabrics. I am a terrible person and can’t remember the names of hardly any of them, except to say that I…

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    Linen Hearts Quilt

    Right now I am sitting on my front porch and a fellow up the street is singing at the top of his lungs. He has a nice voice. I think he is singing Mumford and Sons? Ok – back to sewing – I had a fun time quilting up this little thing – more work with scraps from larger linen quilts. It uses a number of soft shades of brown. Did I mention I love brown lately? I think this would make a fun wedding or baby shower signature quilt.  Maybe with some initials in some of the hearts? Or just a sweet wall-hanging. I just wanted to make something…

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    How to Make a Monogram Quilt Block

    If you are making a wedding signature quilt – here are some of my thoughts on that! You’ll need Computer and editing program (I use Word) This text document if you want an example monogram  Fusible webbing (I prefer Wonder Under by Pellon) Marker Fabric Matching thread Starch (optional) Sewing machine Step 1: Pick a font! Then make your monogram in a word processing document (or use this one). You can use any program, of course. I generally use Cambria, which is a nice common serif font. You can also find fun swirly fonts that wouldn’t be that hard to applique. I personally prefer simple clean lines – they look good and…

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    Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

    I’m probably supposed to be doing something more productive, but enjoyed taking a minute to look through historical pictures on the Library of Congress archive. Of course my favorite of the moment is an historic signature quilt – what a lovely keepsake and a neat block. And here is a gem made by Mrs. Bill Stagg (hope you can hear my distaste for that naming tradition) from old tobacco sacks. And people dancing with the quilt frame overhead. My sweetie would love this in our house, as he is always wanting to create contraptions to hang all our appliances from the ceiling. Someday when we don’t rent maybe…. What is…

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    Basting Basting

    Yesterday like a hero I pin basted two quilts – one is a queen size which coincidentally is the exact size of the open space in my kitchen. I go back and forth with pin basting and spray basting and for now I am on the pin basting wagon. It’s all horrible on a queen. I have some quilty friends who are doing the quilt as you go method on larger quilts which maybe is the secret? The other one in the hopper is this pretty little thing – in black and white to help me think about block layout and distribution. “Random” block placement is harder than it looks!…

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    Old School Checkers

    I grew up around quilting and a lot of quilts in my family were basic scrappy block quilts. My grandma made me a quilt for my 16th birthday very similar to this one – but with pink – and I lovvvvve it.  So while I am generally drawn to more edgy, modern quilts, when this simple gray and white checkerboard was requested, I was pretty into it – I love how homey and old fashioned it looks. It doesn’t really shine here hanging up all formal – it’s not a formal quilt. It needs some kids tangled up in it.